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Hello, I am David Darby the owner of Gratuite Lavie CBD

This is a special for bulk order of full spectrum or isolate CBD formulations

How does .052c per milligram sound compared to the .15c retail you pay in the brick and mortar and other online sources. The offer till the end of June 2019.

Business & Personal loans for your purchase if needed, including businesses such as restaurants and deli stores, Chiropractors and Doctor offices of all kinds.

Till the end of April 2019 your business can purchase 35,000 mg in 10 - 1 oz bottles of a full spectrum CBDs an oil of (MCT) which is abbreviation for moderate chain triglycerides.

Price is $1820 includes shipping.

Contact for David directly at 1-858-939-9595 or email: David@GratuiteLavie.com to order for yourself or business. 

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